Alexander Steel

Cam Shows

Your muscle fantasies can come true, live on webcam with me!

Talk to me about what you want to see from your muscle god, and we'll arrange a time and a fee that works for both of us.

The best way to request your private cam show is on Skype.

My Skype is AlexanderSteelMuscle

Cam Show FAQs

How long does a cam show last?
Shows are tailored for you, so they can last as long as you like. Typically, fans buy a 10 or 15 minute show.
How much does a cam show cost?
It depends on how long you'd like the show to be and what you'd like to see. Add me on Skype, tell me what you'd like and I'll let you know the cost.
How do I pay for a cam show?
I accept secure online payments with a MasterCard or Visa.
What will I see during a cam show?
Before you pay for a show, we'll talk about what you'd like to see. If you have any special requests, please be sure to tell me before you pay, so that I can ensure I'm able to deliver what you want.